What restaurants use your products?

Updated 1 week ago by Jamie Armstrong

Ever fancy a meal that uses Siete (without being the one to cook it)? Us, too! So, we’ve gathered a list of restaurants that uses us in their menus. We hope it helps you follow your estomag—oh, we mean...heart!  

Austin, TX

  • The Funkadelic
  • Galaxy Cafe
  • High Note
  • Picnik
  • Peoples RX
  • El Dorado

Dallas, TX

  • Tribal All Day Cafe
  • Origin Kitchen + Bar

Encinitas, CA

  • Good On Ya Organic Eateries

Lake Tahoe, CA

  • Verde Mexican Rotisserie

Santa Cruz, CA

  • Primal Santa Cruz

Portland, OR

  • Spin Laundry Lounge

Please note: as it goes, sometimes things change without us knowing. If you stumble across a restaurant that carries (or no longer carries) Siete that hasn’t made its way to our list, please pass it along the grapevine to us at hola@sietefoods.com.

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