What is the best way to heat up my Siete dips?

Updated 2 years ago by Jamie Armstrong

Although our dips can be enjoyed hot or cold, here are the few instructions to note, should you prefer to heat them up!


  1. Remove from Siete jar, as our jar is not certified microwave-safe.
  2. Transfer dip into a microwave-safe dish, and cover.
  3. Heat in the microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring as you go, so the heat is evenly distributed.


  1. Transfer dip to a stove-safe pan.
  2. Heat over low-heat, stirring occasionally, as to avoid sticking to the pan or burning.
  3. Once the dip looks smooth and creamy, it is ready to eat!

*While we don’t recommend freezing our queso, you can freeze your bean dip by placing in a freezer-safe container—so it can be everything you’ve bean waiting for!

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