How do you choose your ingredients?

Updated by Bayley Wiltshire

We put a lot of thought (and love!) into choosing our ingredients. We’ve sourced ingredients we feel good about using, sharing, and eating—like avocado oil, almond flour, cassava, whole vegetables, and many more! We want all our products to solve problems, just like our first Grain Free Almond Flour Tortilla solved a problem for our family. To accomplish this, our ingredients are sourced with three objectives in mind:

Inclusivity: Our goal at Siete is to create products that invite people to the table. Our ingredients are chosen with the goal, of having options for everyone—no matter their dietary preferences. This way, when Siete is at the table, everyone feels welcome and included. 

Flavor: We want our products to taste good! (And not just good, but heart-warmingly, oh-my-goodness-this-tastes-just-like-my-grandma’s-food, good.) This is why we’re constantly in the kitchen, taste-testing new ingredient options and fine-tuning our recipes to bring you our best.

Heritage-inspired: Our heritage inspires everything we do, including the ingredients used to make our products. It guides how we reimagine the nostalgic foods we grew up eating, but with an innovative Siete twist. We use our heritage as the beginning to create new foods and select the ingredients in those foods—such as organic beans, avocado oil, chili peppers, and natural spices.

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